Ralf Schwarzer: Computer Programs for Meta-Analysis


Several meta-analytic methods have become popular in recent years, but many researchers have been reluctant to adopt them because no convenient microcomputer program was available. In the meantime, a comprehensive software package has been developed that solves most of the problems encountered in meta-analytic research.

Three approaches can be selected:

  1. the analysis of exact probabilities (p values) as suggested by Rosenthal,
  2. the analysis of effect sizes d, following the methods of either Glass or of Hedges and Olkin, and
  3. the analysis of effect sizes r as recommended by Hunter, Schmidt, and Jackson.
For the two effect size methods, a cluster analysis option is also available. The program can be used to plot a stem-and-leaf display of correlation coefficients. A utility menu is provided that allows various transformations and preliminary computations that are typically required before the final meta-analysis can be performed. Those researchers who are not interested in meta-analysis, but who look for a convenient tool to compute t tests, significance of correlations, or weighting of means, variances and correlations, will also benefit from this program.

The software is designed for IBM or compatible computers (DOS greater 3.3). Menu-driven with pull-down menues, it includes a data editor and supports an EGA monitor. The software is free of charge.

Download the program and the manual by clicking on the icons.

Meta-Analysis 5.3 The Manual (Word 6.0a)

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