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"Strahlung in Atmosphäre und Ozean"
(Veröffentlichungsreihe des Instituts für Weltraumwissenschaften - Institute Series)


H. Diedrich, R. Preusker, R. Lindstrot, and J. Fischer

Retrieval of daytime total columnar water vapour from MODIS measurements over land surfaces
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 8, 823-836, 2015

J. Slobodda, A. Hünerbein, R. Lindstrot, R. Preusker, K. Ebell, and J. Fischer

Multichannel analysis of correlation length of SEVIRI images around ground-based cloud observatories to determine their representativeness
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 8, 567-578, 2015


CCM Kyba, A Hänel, F Hölker

Redefining efficiency for outdoor lighting
Energy & Environmental Science, 7:1806-1809, 2014

Lindstrot, R., Stengel, M., Schröder, M., Fischer, J., Preusker, R., Schneider, N., Steenbergen, T., and Bojkov, B.R.

A global climatology of total columnar water vapour from SSM/I and MERIS
Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 6, 221-233, doi:10.5194/essd-6-221-2014, 2014.

He, Shuangyan, Fischer, Jürgen, Schaale, Michael, He, Ming-xia

Optical closure of parameterized bio-optical relationships
Chinese Journal of Oceanology and Limnology, 32(2), 480-489


Kyba CCM, Hölker F

Do artificially illuminated skies affect biodiversity in nocturnal landscapes?
Landscape Ecology, 26:1637-1640, 2013

CCM Kyba, JM Wagner, HU Kuechly, CE Walker, CD Elvidge, F Falchi, T Ruhtz, J Fischer, F Hölker

Citizen Science Provides Valuable Data for Monitoring Global Night Sky Luminance
Scientific Reports 3: 1835, 2013

Diedrich, H., Preusker, R., Lindstrot, R. and Fischer, J.

Quantification of uncertainties of water vapour column retrievals using future instruments
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 6, 359-370, 2013

Kyba, CCM, Wagner JM, Kuechly HU, Walker CE, Elvidge CD, Falchi F, Ruhtz R, Fischer J, Hölker F

Citizen Science Provides Valuable Data for Monitoring Global Night Sky Luminance
Scientific Reports 3: 1835, 2013

Schnitt, S., Ruhtz, T., Fischer, J., Hölker, F., Kyba, C.C.M.

Temperature Stability of the Sky Quality Meter
Sensors 13: 12166-12174, 2013

Joiner, J., Guanter, L., Lindstrot, R., Voigt, M., Vasilkov, A. P., Middleton, E. M., Huemmrich, K. F., Yoshida, Y., and Frankenberg, C.

Global monitoring of terrestrial chlorophyll fluorescence from moderate-spectral-resolution near-infrared satellite measurements: methodology, simulations, and application to GOME-2
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 6, 2803-2823, doi:10.5194/amt-6-2803-2013, 2013

Hollstein, A. and Lindstrot, R.

Fast reconstruction of hyperspectral radiative transfer simulations by using small spectral subsets: application to the oxygen A band
Atmos. Meas. Tech. Discuss., 6, 8339-8370, doi:10.5194/amtd-6-8339-2013, 2013


Schaale, M. and Schroeder. Th.

An extended validation test for data input into parameterized retrieval algorithms
AIP Conf. Proc. 1531, 951 (2013), DOI:10.1063/1.4804929

Schneider, N., Schroeder, M., Lindstrot, R., Preusker, R., Stengel, M., and the ESA DUE GlobVapour Consortium

ESA DUE GlobVapour Water Vapour Products: Validation
Proc. International Radiation Symposium 2012, Berlin, Germany, 06-10 August 2012

Verrelst, J., Rivera, J.P., Alonso, L., Lindstrot, R. and Moreno, J.

Potential Retrieval of Biophysical Parameters from FLORIS, S3-OLCI and its Synergy
Proc. IGARSS 2012, Munich, Germany, 22-27 July, 2012

Schroeder, Th., Nechad, B., Ruddick, K., Doerffer, R., Schaale, M., Brando, V., and Dekker, A.

Inter-comparison of MODIS atmospheric correction algorithms for coastal waters using shipborne above water radiometry
Optics Express, submitted

Lindstrot, R., Preusker, R., Diedrich, H., Doppler, L., Bennartz, R., and Fischer, J.

1D-Var retrieval of daytime total columnar water vapour from MERIS measurements
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 5, 631-646, doi:10.5194/amt-5-631-2012, 2012

Lindstrot, R. and Preusker, R.

On the efficient treatment of temperature profiles for the estimation of atmospheric transmittance under scattering conditions
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 5, 2525-2535, doi:10.5194/amt-5-2525-2012, 2012.

Lindstrot, R., Bennartz, R., Preusker, R., and Fischer, J.

The Impact of Subscale Inhomogeneity on Oxygen A Band Cloud-Top Pressure Estimates: Using ESA’s MERIS as a Proxy for DSCOVR-EPIC
Remote Sens. 2012, 4, 1963-1973.

Kuechly, H.U., Kyba, C.C.M., Ruhtz, T., Lindemann, C., Wolter, C., Fischer, J., Hölker, F.

Aerial survey and spatial analysis of sources of light pollution in Berlin, Germany
Remote Sensing of Environment, 126:39-50, doi:10.1016/j.rse.2012.08.008, 2012 Download unproofed preprint here

Kyba, C.C.M., Ruhtz, T., Fischer, J., Hölker, F.

Red is the New Black: How the Color of Urban Skyglow Varies with Cloud Cover
Mon Not R Astron Soc 425: 701-708, doi:10.1111/j.1365-2966.2012.21559.x, 2012 (The definitive version is available at http://www.blackwell-synergy.com

Kyba CCM, Lolkema DE

A Community Standard for the Recording of Skyglow Data
Astronomy and Geophysics 53: 6.17-6.18, 2012


Kyba, C.C.M., Ruhtz, T., Fischer, J., Hölker, F.

Lunar Skylight Polarization Signal Polluted by Urban Lighting
J Geophys Res 116, doi:10.1029/2011JD016698, 2011

Kyba, C.C.M., Ruhtz, T., Fischer, J., Hölker, F.

Cloud Coverage Acts as an Amplifier for Ecological Light Pollution in Urban Ecosystems
PLoS ONE 6(3):e17307, doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0017307, 2011


Meroni, M., L. Busetto, L. Guanter, S. Cogliati, G.F. Crosta, M. Migliavacca, C. Panigada, M. Rossini, and R. Colombo

Characterization of fine resolution field spectrometers using solar Fraunhofer lines and atmospheric absorption features
Appl. Opt. 49, 2858-2871

Lindstrot, R, Preusker, R. and Fischer, J.

The empirical correction of stray light in the MERIS oxygen A band channel
J. Atmos. Oceanic Technol., 2010, 27 (7), 1185-1194

Lindstrot, R, Preusker, R. and Fischer, J.

Remote Sensing of Multilayer Cloud-Top Pressure Using Combined Measurements of MERIS and AATSR Onboard ENVISAT
J. Appl. Meteor. Climatol., 2010, 49 (6), 1191-1204


Vidot, J., R. Bennartz, C.W. O'Dell, R. Preusker, R. Lindstrot, and A.K. Heidinger

CO2 Retrieval over Clouds from the OCO Mission: Model Simulations and Error Analysis
J. Atmos. Oceanic Technol., 26, 1090–1104.

Preusker, R., R. Lindstrot

Remote Sensing of Cloud-Top Pressure Using Moderately Resolved Measurements within the Oxygen A Band - A Sensitivity Study
J. Appl. Metoer. Climatol., 48, 1562-1574.

Taheri Shahraiyni, H., S. Bagheri Shouraki, F. Fell, M. Schaale, J. Fischer, A. Tavakoli, R. Preusker, M. Tajrishy, M. Vatandoust, H. Khodaparast

Application of the active learning method to the retrieval of pigment from spectral remote sensing reflectance data
Int. J. Remote Sens., 30, No. 4 2009, 1045-1065

Lindstrot, R, R. Preusker, J. Fischer

The retrieval of land surface pressure from MERIS measurements in the oxygen A band
J. Atmos. Oceanic Technol., 26 (7), 1367-1377.


Schroeder, T., V. Brando, N. Cherukuru, L. Clementson, D. Blondeau-Patissier, A. Dekker, M. Schaale, and J. Fischer

Remote sensing of apparent and inherent optical properties of Tasmanian coastal waters: application to MODIS data
in: Proceedings of the Ocean Optics XIX 2008 Conference, 6-10 October 2008, Barga, Italy

Boesche E., P. Stammes, R. Preusker, R. Bennartz, W. H. Knap, J. Fischer

Polarization of skylight in the O2A band: effects of aerosol properties
Applied Optics 47, 3467-3480

Lindstrot, R., R. Preusker, J. Fischer

The retrieval of cloud-top pressure using combined measurements of MERIS and AATSR
SP-666, Proceedings of the 2nd MERIS and (A)ATSR Workshop, 22-26 September 2008, ESRIN in Frascati, Italy


Zieger, P., T. Ruhtz, R. Preusker, and J. Fischer

Dual-aureole and sun spectrometer system for airborne measurements of aerosol optical properties
Appl. Opt. 46, 8542-8552 (2007).

Taheri Shahraiyni, H., M. Schaale, S. Bagheri Shouraki, F. Fell, J. Fischer, R. Preusker, M. Tajrishy, M. Vatandoust, M. Taheri Shahraeini, P. Navi Sani, Z. Taherishahraini and H. Khodaparast

A new hybrid inverse modeling method for water quality monitoring using remotely sensed data
SPE Technical Symposium 2007, Dhahran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Paper Number 110970.

Schroeder, Th., M. Schaale and J. Fischer

Retrieval of atmospheric and oceanic properties from MERIS measurements: A new Case-2 water processor for BEAM
Int. J. Remote Sens., 2007, 28, No. 24, 5627-5632

Taheri Shahraiyni, H., S. Bagheri Shouraki, F. Fell, M. Schaale, J. Fischer, R. Preusker, A. Abrishamchi, M. Tajrishy, A. Tavakoli, M. Vatandoust and H. Khodaparast

Demonstration of the ability of Active Learning Method for ocean colour modelling using spectral remote sensing reflectance data
Int. J. Remote Sens., 2007, accepted

Schroeder, Th., I. Behnert, M. Schaale, J. Fischer and R. Doerffer

Atmospheric correction algorithm for MERIS above Case-2 waters
Int. J. Remote Sens., 28, No. 7, 1469-1486

Taheri Shahraiyni, H., M. Schaale, F. Fell, J. Fischer, R. Preusker, M. Vatandoust, Bagheri S. Shouraki, M. Tajrishy, H. Khodaparast, A. Tavakoli

Application of the Active Learning Method for the estimation of geophysical variables in the Caspian Sea from satellite ocean colour observations
Int. J. Remote Sens., 28, No. 20, 4677–4683


Walther, A. and R. Bennartz

Radar-based precipitation type analysis in the Baltic area
Tellus, Volume 58, Issue 3, pp. 331-343

Lindstrot, R., Preusker R., Ruhtz Th., Heese B., Wiegner M., Lindemann C., Fischer J.

Validation of MERIS cloud top pressure using airborne lidar measurements
Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, 2006, 45(12), 1612-1621

Boesche E., P. Stammes, T. Ruhtz, R. Preusker, J. Fischer

Effect of aerosol microphysical properties on polarization of skylight: sensitivity study and measurements
Applied Optics 45, 8790-8805


Schüller, L., R. Bennartz, J.-L. Brenguier, and J. Fischer

An algorithm for the retrieval of droplet number concentration and geometrical thickness of stratiform marine boundary layer clouds to MODIS radiometric observations.
J. Appl. Met., 44, 28-38

Albert, P., R. Bennartz, R. Preusker, R. Leinweber and J. Fischer

Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Water Vapor Using the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS).
Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 22, No. 3, pp. 309-314

Preusker, R., Jürgen Fischer, Gabriela Seiz, Daniela Poli, Armin Grün, Caroline Poulsen, Richard Siddans

Validation of Cloud Top Pressure derived from MSG-SEVIRI observations through a comparison with independent observations
EUMETSAT, EUM/CO/03/1208/SAT, pp237

Schüller, L., R. Bennartz, J. Fischer, J.L. Brenguier

An algorithm for retrieval of droplet number concentration nd geometrical thickness of stratiform marine boundary layer clouds to MODIS radiometric observations.
J. Appl. Met., 44, 28-38

Ritter, C., Notholt, J., Fischer, J., and Rathke, C.

Direct thermal radiative forcing of tropospheric aerosol in the Arctic measured by ground based infrared spectrometry
Geophys. Res. Lett., 32, (No. 23) L23816, doi:10.1029/2005GL024331

Santer, R., F. Zagolski, D. Ramon, J. Fischer and P. Dubuisson

Uncertainties in radiative transfer computations: consequences on the MERIS products over land
Int. J. Remote Sensing, 26, No. 20, 4597-4626


Mayer, B., M. Schröder, R. Preusker, and L. Schüller

Remote sensing of water cloud droplet size distribution using the backscatter glory: a case study
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 1255-1263

Asseng, H., T. Ruhtz, and J. Fischer

Sun and Aureole Spectrometer for Airborne Measurements to Derive Aerosol Optical Properties
Appl. Opt. 43, 2146-2155


Schüller, L., J.-L. Brenguier, and H. Pawlowska:

Retrieval of microphysical, geometrical , and radiative properties of marine stratocumulus from remote sensing
J. Geophys. Res., 108(D15), 8631, doi:10.1029/2003JD002680

Brenguier, J.-L,, H. Pawlowska, and L. Schüller

Cloud microphysical and radiative properties for parameterization and satellite monitoring of the indirect effect of aerosol on climate
J. Geophys. Res., 108(D15), 8632, doi:10.1029/2003JD002682

Menon, S., J.-L. Brenguier, O. Boucher, P. Davison, A. D. Del Genio, J. Feichter, S. Ghan, S. Guibert, X. Liu, U. Lohmann, H. Pawlowska, J. E. Penner, J. Quaas, D. L. Roberts, L. Schüller and J. Snider

Evaluating aerosol/cloud/radiation process parameterizations with single-column models and Second Aerosol Characterization Experiment (ACE-2) cloudy column observations
J. Geophys. Res., 108(D24), 4762, doi:10.1029/2003JD003902


Rathke, C., and J. Fischer

Evaluation of four approximate methods for calculating infrared radiances in cloudy atmospheres
J. Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Transfer, 75, 297-321

Rathke, C., J. Fischer, S. Neshyba, and M. Shupe

Improving IR cloud phase determination with 20 microns spectral observations
Geophys. Res. Lett., 29(8), 10.1029/2001GL014594

Rathke, C., and J. Fischer

Efficient parameterization of the infrared effective beam emissivity of semitransparent atmospheric layers
J. Geophys. Res., 107(D4), 10.1029/2001JD000596.

Schröder, M., R. Bennartz, L. Schüller, R. Preusker, P. Albert, and J. Fischer

Generating cloud-masks from spatial high-resolution observations of clouds using texture and radiance information
Int. J. Remote Sensing,23, 4247-4261


Albert, P., R. Bennartz, and J. Fischer

Remote sensing of atmospheric water vapor from backscattered sunlight in cloudy atmospheres
J. Atmos. Oceanic Technol., 18, 865-874

Fell, F., and J. Fischer

Numerical simulation of the light field in the atmosphere-ocean system using the matrix-operator method
JQSRT, 69, 351-388.


Bennartz, R.

Optimal convolution of AMSU-B to AMSU-A
J. Atmos. Oceanic Technol., 17, 1215-1225

Bennartz, R., and J. Fischer

A modified k-distribution approach applied to narrow band water vapor and oxygen absorption estimates in the near infrared
JQSRT, 66, 539-553

Brenguier, J.-L., P. Y. Chuang, Y. Fouquart, D. W. Johnson, F. Parol, H. Pawlowska, J. Pelon, L. Schüller, F. Schröder and J. R. Snider

An overview of the ACE-2 CLOUDYCOLUMN closure experiment
Tellus, 52B, 814-826

Brenguier, J.-L., H. Pawlowska, L. Schüller, R. Preusker, J. Fischer and Y. Fouquart

Radiative properties of boundary layer clouds: droplet effective radius versus droplet concentration
J. Atmos. Sci., 57, 803-821

Claustre, H., F. Fell, K. Oubelkheir, L. Prieur, A. Sciandra, B. Gentili, M. Babin

Continuous monitoring of surface optical properties across a geostrophic front: Biogeochemical inferences
Limnol. Oceanogr., 45, 309-321

Pawlowska, H. J.-L. Brenguier, Y. Fouquart, W. Armbruster, S. Bakan, J. Descloitres, J. Fischer, A. Fouilloux, J.-F. Gayet, S. Ghosh, P. Jonas, F. Parol, J. Pelon, L. Schüller

Microphysics/radiation interaction in a stratocumulus cloud: The EUCREX mission 206 case study
Atmos. Res., 55, 85-102.

Rathke, C., W. Armbruster, J. Fischer, E. Becker, and J. Notholt

Comparison of stratus cloud properties derived from coincident airborne visible and ground-based infrared spectrometer measurements
Geophys. Res. Lett., 27, 2641-2644

Rathke, C., and J. Fischer

Retrieval of cloud microphysical properties from thermal infrared observations by a fast iterative radiance fitting method
J. Atmos. Oceanic Technol., 17, 1509-1524

Schüller, L., W. Armbruster and J. Fischer

Retrieval of cloud optical and microphysical properties from multispectral radiances
Atmos. Res., 55, 35-46


Fischer, J., and F. Fell, F.

Simulation of MERIS measurements above selected ocean waters
Int. J. Remote Sens., 20, 1787-1807.

Pawlowska, H., J.-L. Brenguier and L. Schüller

Microphysical and radiative properties of stratocumulus
Phys. Chem. Earth (B), 24, 927-932


Bauer, P., and R. Bennartz

Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission imaging capabilities for the observation of rainclouds
Radio Sci., 33, 335-349

Olbert, C.

Atmospheric Correction for casi Data using an Atmospheric Radiative Transfer Model
Can. J. Remote Sensing, 24, 114-127

Olbert, C., and J. Fischer

Flugzeuggestützte Fernerkundung in Israel
Naturwissenschaftliche Rundschau, 51, 429-432


Kamp, U., C. Olbert, M. Schaale, and J. Fischer

Umweltmonitoring durch flugzeuggestützte Fernerkundung und neuronale Netze
Geoökodynamik, 18, 41-60.

O'Mongain, E., D. Buckton, S. Green, M. Bree, K. Moore, K., R. Doerffer, S. Danaher, H. Hakvoort, J. Kennedy, J. Fischer, F. Fell, D. Papantoniou, D., and M. McGarrigle

Spectral absorption coefficient measured in situ in the North Sea with a marine radiometric spectrometer system
Appl. Opt., 36, 5162-5167

O'Mongain, E., S. Green, B. Moore, R. Doerffer, H. Hakvoort, S. Danaher, D. Buckton, J. Kennedy, D. Papantoniou, I. Lazarides, F. Fell, and M. McGarrigle

Using the MARAS system for the in situ characterizing of the spectral optical properties of the North Sea
Optics and Laser Technology, 29, 41-44

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Calibration of high resolution remote sensing instruments in the visible and near infrared
Adv. Space Res., 19, 1325-1334

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Atmospheric monitoring with a spectrographic imager
Int. J. Remote Sens., 18, 1183-1188.


Armbruster, W., and J. Fischer

Improved method of exponential sum fitting of transmissions to describe the absorption of atmospheric gases
Appl. Opt., 35, 1931-1941.

Schüller, L. and J. Fischer

Multispectral flight measurements of the atmospheric water vapour bands
Adv. Space Res., 17, 55-58


Schaale, M., and R. Furrer

Land surface classification by neural networks
Int. J. Remote Sens., 16, 3003-3031

Olbert, C., M. Schaale, and R. Furrer

Mapping of forrest fire damages using imaging spectroscopy
Adv. Space Res., 15, 115-122.


Furrer, R., A. Barsch, C. Olbert, and M. Schaale

Multispectral Imaging of Land Surface
GeoJournal, 32, 7-16.

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