Opportunities for going beyond ISO-LCA ________________________________________________________________

Open Workshop within the EU-funded project
CALCAS – Co-ordination Action for Innovation in Life-Cycle Analysis for Sustainability

27/28 September 2007, ENEA Brussels

The Environmental Policy Research Centre (FFU), Berlin/D, and the Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IÖW), Heidelberg & Berlin/D, in co-operation with the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and the Environment (ENEA), Bologna/I, and the Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML), Leiden/NL, organized a scientific workshop in Brussels from 27-28 September 2007: "Governance and Life Cycle Analysis. Opportunities for Going Beyond ISO-LCA".

Around 40 high-ranked scientific experts from the fields of Life Cycle approaches as well as researchers on governance aspects, policy observers as well as experts from public policy and administration met for two days in Brussels. A special intention of the workshop was to further the interdisciplinary exchange within these branches of research and policy making.

An open call for papers was distributed worldwide in spring 2007. The workshop organizers received 24 abstracts, 6 of which were selected for presentation by an anonymous peer review (download the book of abstracts here). Additionally, a number of invited experts took keynote speeches at the event, adressing a large variety of different research communities.

The presentations and papers can be downloaded below. For further information about the CALCAS project please consult the project's website at

Presentations and Papers

Part 1 – Introduction and overview
Michele Galatola (EC DG RTD) 7th Research Framework Programme (2007-2013): Life Cycle Approaches – opportunities and challenges
Paolo Masoni (ENEA) CALCAS Project: an overview  
Frieder Rubik (IÖW) LCA and Governance – a General Overview  
Gjalt Huppes (Leiden University, CML) Framing the Research Agenda for New LCA: Relations to Governance  
Part 2 – New Requirements for the construction of LCA
Ugo Pretato (EC JRC) Improving the Applicability of LCA in Europe
Sophie Spillemaeckers (KU Leuven) The Belgian Social Label. A governmental application of Social LCA
Pierre De Coninck (Université de Montreal) A Participatory Approach Seeking Consensus in a Context of Uncertainty. A Sustainable Development Perspective of Life Cycle Analysis
Jean-Sebastien Thomas (Arcelor Mittal) SOVAMAT (SOcial VAlue of MATerials), a multi-material initiative  
Catherine Benoit (CIRAIG) Developing a Methodology for Social Life Cycle Assessment: The North American Tomato’s CSR case  
Part 3 – Experiences of a related area
Armin Grunwald (ITAS Karlsruhe) Trends in TA: Contested futures and prospective knowledge assessment  
Patrick ten Brink (IEEP) Knowledge-Based Policy Making – Experiences from Impact Assessment  
Part 4 – Analyses of LCA as a knowledge base for sustainable governance
Henrikke Baumann (Chalmers University) Life cycling in organisations for life cycle organisation
Peter Saling (BASF AG) Contribution of life-cycle-based tools for sustainable governance on corporate level - experiences from BASF  
Wulf-Peter Schmidt (Ford) Sustainable Management Tool: Ford of Europe’s Product Sustainability Index  
Henrik Vagt (FFU) Greening the Supply Chain at a Distance. Interlinkages of Waste Policies and Green Supply Chain Management in the European Union, Japan and the United States
Paul H. Brunner (TU Vienna) Shortcomings of LCA – Examples from Waste Management
Hans-Jörg Althaus (EMPA) LCA as decision support tool in the context of good governance of natural resources: Potential and limitations  
Anand P. Tiwari (TERI University) Governance Reforms Using LCA For Sustainability of Resource Use in Water
Part 5 – Pressures from persistent environmental problems for the construction of LCA
Martin Jänicke (FFU) Gatekeepers of Material Flows: The Strategic Role of Product Design  
Martin Eifel (EC DG ENT) Ecodesign Directive 2005/32/EC A framework for setting eco-design requirements for energy-using products
Arne Remmen (Aalborg University) Limitation of current LCA approaches  
Gary Bryner (Brigham University) Policy Integration and Life Cycle Analysis in Ecological Sustainability


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Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IÖW)
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Henrik Vagt
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