Linear Syzygies and Hyperbolic Coxeter Groups (pdf )

Presented at  CMS Winter Metting, Waterloo (Canada), in December 2017

Hilbert Schemes, Groebner Cells, and Extension Algebras (pdf, video )

Presented at  Current Trends on Groebner Bases, Osaka (Japan), in July 2015

Special and Generic Constructions of Pure O-sequences (pdf)

Presented at  the Joint AMS-RMS Meeting, Alba Iulia (Romania), in June 2013

Generic Deformations of Matroid Ideals (short talk) (pdf)

Presented at Syzygies in Berlin, in May 2013

Kalai's conjecture and beyond (pdf)

Presented at the RTG Workshop,  U.C. Berkeley, in September 2012

Parametrizations of Ideals in k[x,y] and k[x,y,z] (pdf)

Presented at Combinatorial Structures in Algebra and Topology, Osnabrück, in October 2009

PhD Defense (pdf)

Presented at the University of Genova, in April 2009

Algebras with Lefschetz Property m-times (pdf)

Presented at Genova-Barcelona Workshop, Genova, in May 2008


Parametrizations of ideals in k[x,y] (pdf)

Presented at Midwest Commutative Algebra and Geometry Conference, Purdue University, in May 2011